Br’er Abbot’s Briarpatch

New Year’s Eve 2015

The Sacred HeartThis will be my last blog post for 2015. I had the best of intentions this year to do more with my blogging and writing but it would seem that life had other plans. Perhaps that’s the truth and perhaps that’s a convenient excuse. I really don’t know which.

Years come and years go, and they slide by faster and faster until you wonder where they all went. Luckily, these days we have Google and Facebook, full of pictures and posts of past activities over the last three hundred and sixty-five days of our lives. They remind us of what life was like and what we were doing and with whom we were doing it, all neatly stored in that nebulous digital storage called the cloud ready to be recalled at any moment from almost anywhere on the face of the planet.

Though that cloud may be dark at times, it always has a silver lining.

Some of those memories are full of fun, friends, and frolicking, and some, not so much. Regardless, they tell a story, the story of our lives. Sometimes I think it would be a blessing to forget and sometimes I’m delighted to be reminded. It is what it is. It is life and life is a gift.

May 2016 be a blessing for all of us and may we find a renewed love for one another and a renewed love for the gift of life and the gift of another year, day, or moment to live it.

+Bless you in the name of the Three, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Amen!

+Br’er Abbot