Br’er Abbot’s Briarpatch

The Feast Day of Bishop Joseph Grenier


From Mother Cait Finnegan-Grenier:

It is with profound sorrow and faith in our God Who is Love that I share with you, members and friends of The Celtic Christian Church, that our founding bishop and my beloved husband passed through the veil on Tuesday afternoon.

Our daughter Rose Grenier and I thank you all for you supportive prayer for his healing yesterday.

I am not able to give details now more than that he died from pneumonia and sepsis shock.

We are trying to make all arrangements now for viewing and memorial services and will share this information here.

We ask your continued prayer.

Cait and Rose

Thinking of some of my friends, colleagues, and mentors in the Independent Sacramental Movement who have moved on over the years but especially thinking about Bp. Joseph Grenier of the Celtic Christian Church who passed through the veil yesterday.

In an email I sent Bp. Joe only a little over a week ago I expressed my personal admiration for him and told him that though he may not have been aware of it, he had a continuing impact on my own approach to the episcopacy and I thanked him for it. I am blessed for having him in my life.

Bp. Joe along with several others, Fr. James Martin, Bp. Dwain Houser, Bp. Robert Bowman, Bp. Karl Pruter, Bp. Mary Ann Croisant, Fr. Rick Brandon, Fr. Robert Christopher, and Fr. Skip Koritzer have had a deep impact on my life and ministry. They have each in their own unique way been an image of Christ’s love for me and have helped form and empower my ministry. For that I give thanks to them and to Christ.

It’s their path I walk; it’s their song I sing; it’s their load I take on; it’s their air I breathe; it’s the record they set that makes me go on; it’s their strength that helps me stand.

My prayers and indeed those of Christ Catholic Church, the Order of the Shepherd’s Heart, and Whithorn School of Theology lift toward heaven for Mother Cait, her daughter Rose, and the entire Celtic Christian Church at the passing of Bishop Joseph Grenier – Cait’s beloved, Rose’s dear father, and Presiding Bishop of the Celtic Christian Church. He was an amazing human being and a good and faithful servant of our Lord Christ.

However even in the midst of our sorrow while we grieve Bishop Joe’s absence from our sight, we also celebrate his feast day with the Lord he so faithfully followed home all the days of his life. We give thanks for a life well lived and Bp. Joe’s steadfast witness to the love of Christ in this broken world.

Even now, Bishop Joseph Grenier has most assuredly heard the loving call from his Lord: “Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!”

May he rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon him and may the angels and saints of heaven comfort those of us who mourn and help heal our broken hearts.

+Br’er Abbot