Br’er Abbot’s Briarpatch

Gives You Hell

I should have done this years ago! Having Ex Cathedra Studio is pure bliss!

The last studio gallery I had in Branson was like a little prison. You had to check in, sign in, and perform like an organ-grinder’s circus monkey on a short leash.

We had a little joke amongst us artists/crafters when we were forced to perform under threat of excommunication, we danced and sang, “dance monkey dance, dance little monkey dance, dance little monkey for your peanuts!”

For over six years, I danced on a leash, hoping things would change and trying to be a force for that much sought after change, that never would happen. Leaving was the best thing I ever did, in terms of that time and place.

This is pure joy! No one breathing down my back to demonstrate or produce, no surveillance, no passing snide remarks, no gossip, no jealousy or judgement, in fact no negativity whatsoever, other than what I might bring with myself.

It makes me sing and dance barefoot, with a paintbrush in one hand and a Pepsi Max in the other!