Br’er Abbot’s Briarpatch

Christians Blech!

2014-04-15 13.43.19I think I’ve hit a spiritual brick wall. I mean I think I’ve smacked into it hard.

I’ve wandered and wandered around this Christian Church for some time and I have to say, I still feel and indeed have always felt like a stranger in a strange land. I see in other “self-professed Christians” scarcely anything I recognize in my own faith or in my own understanding of the teachings of Jesus. I don’t recognize their faith at all and most certainly its often not something I can even begin to agree with.

I think it’s the intolerance that gets to me the most and it’s the intolerance that I’ve always had a problem with. And before you go whining off into the briar patch there Skippy let me say that neither conservatives nor progressives corner the market on intolerance, though sometimes I think the conservatives own the corner and the progressives just rent from them. In many cases they’re simply on opposite sides of the same crooked street that leads to nowhere. I find little in common with many of them.

Quite honestly I tire of being associated with Christianity these days at all. My personal faith is as intact as it ever has been and my love of the Gospel Message of love, freedom, courage, and grace and of the person of Jesus the Christ is the reality that drives my passion and keeps me following the Prince of Peace.

But when I encounter one of these other kinds of Christians in my journey these days I just have to step off the path and wander around a bit, hoping they pass on by as I hide in the trees with the faerie folk…

Br’er Abbot
The Reluctant Christian